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Decorum members gather for knowledge session ”LED in the greenhouse” at Together2Grow

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Last Thursday, Decorum organized with Ledgnd the knowledge meeting ”LED in the greenhouse”. This meeting occurred in the production hall of Decorum grower and customer of Ledgnd, Together2Grow. Several exciting speakers were discussed during this meeting, including guest speakers from Phenovation and B-Mex. The differences in LED fixtures were discussed, how to remain critical when assessing lighting plans, the available LED subsidies, and the integration and optimization of LED in the greenhouse.

Stef de Jong, Manager of Association Affairs and involved in the organization from Decorum, says that ”through the cooperation with Ledgnd, Decorum members get independent advice and we as an association find this very important for our members. During the session, our members were able to interact with experts from the market. This is very useful and valuable for growers who are considering LED. Judging by the high turnout, it is clear that LED lighting is ‘hot’ in floriculture.”

During this meeting, several interesting speakers were featured.

In the session with the experts from Ledgnd, Phenovation and B-mex, topics were discussed that are important to most growers. Think, for example, of the purchase process of an LED fixture, but also how to integrate it successfully into the greenhouse. In addition, optimizing your installation is essential, for which there are several possibilities. How do you deal with this as a grower? Using smart sensors and the MyLedgnd platform, the grower is supported in this integration and optimization. Ledgnd stands beside the grower as a trusted advisor throughout this process. All advice is based on data and current research. For example, they can answer the question of which efficiency is the best choice from a business-economic perspective but also advise on guarantees and dimming options.

There are endless possibilities with LED, but the investment required is also substantial. This makes it challenging to determine the right thing to do as a grower. You don’t want to buy a pig in a poke. For this reason, Ledgnd provides brand-independent advice to answer these questions. Once the installation is done, Ledgnd also thinks about optimising the LED structure. Together with B-Mex, we developed the MyLedgnd portal, which displays your greenhouse climate in user-friendly dashboards. Shortly, MyLedgnd will even allow offering dimming recommendations to the climate computers,” says Operational Director Ramón van de Vrie.

The LED fixtures are becoming more efficient and the LED developments follow each other quickly.

During the meeting, Ledgnd also talked to Fedor van Veen from Together2grow. The LED fixtures are becoming more and more efficient, and in addition, the LED developments follow each other fast, this causes even more ambiguity, and you run the risk of not seeing the forest for the trees. With LED, I want to make a future-oriented purchase, so I have chosen Ledgnd as my advisor.

“It is nice to see that Decorum wants to offer its growers all the tools they need to make the right choices for the future. Decorum radiates quality and sustainability and wants to strengthen its position through such knowledge meetings. The Decorum knowledge meeting ”LED in the greenhouse” has certainly given us as growers new insights”, says Fedor van Veen.

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