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About us

Deep-rooted knowledge of crops combined with a professional vision on LED lighting. When two sustainable innovators join forces, a great initiative flourishes. Together we enlighten the work of growers.

Ledgnd: LED lighting for greenhouses

The company that looks for lighting solutions for all different kinds of crops. After all, every crop needs something different in order to grow optimally. Our expertise in both areas has made us a unique player with an extensive network in the greenhouse horticulture sector.

We grow light. You grow crops.


Why LED lighting in greenhouse horticulture?

It is clear that the greenhouse horticulture sector is leading the way in sustainability. The trend for all growers is to switch to an energy-neutral system. LED lighting in greenhouses is an important factor in this trend. Are you curious about how you can participate in this global trend towards sustainability? Begin your own success story and contact Ledgnd as a valuable discussion partner with technical know-how about LED lighting in the horticulture.


Optimal light for plants and crops

What do you want to achieve with your crop? And what is your future dream as a grower? Ledgnd looks futher and helps you to achieve your business goals. Our method allows us to be a trusted advisor for you as a grower. After all, we are growers ourselves and we look at lighting from a brand-independent perspective. A thorough investigation results in advice around greenhouse lighting that you can build on.


Whereas Matthea Rijneker focused on horticulture with Potted Plants, Richard van de Vrie of Luximprove specialized in professional lighting projects from a brand-independent perspective.

Ramón van de Vrie saw this as an opportunity to pursue his passion. As a Horticulture Lighting Researcher, he created the link between both worlds. And that is how Ledgnd saw the light of day.

Meet our team


Ramón van de Vrie

Ramón has been involved with LED lighting since he was a child. After his graduation on a thesis about the needs of growers for crop specific solutions in the field of LED lighting, he stood at the basis of the creation of Ledgnd a few years ago. With the knowledge and experience in LED lighting, he is at his place as process controller at Ledgnd.

Head of Project Management

Jordi van der Meijden

Jordi is responsible for the development of Ledgnd in both the short and long term. He was active in tomato cultivation for 3 years and founded several companies as a young entrepreneur. With his drive and passion, he helps in the operations and development of Ledgnd.
Head of Sales and Business Development

Maarten van Bemmel

Maarten has extensive experience in the B2B market and knows how to unraffle the needs of the customer. He wants to be a full partner in discussions to be of maximum value to the customer. Within Ledgnd, Maarten is responsible for further developing the MyLedgnd portal.
+31 (0)113 40 50 61

Project Manager

Mark Moesker

Business Development

Niels Suijkerbuijk

Niels is concerned with establishing new customer relationships and translating the sales strategy into concrete actions. He monitors the development and execution of effective, strategic sales plans and provides sales and market analysis by monitoring trends.

With a recent HBO-degree in the pocket, experience with LED through a job at LED-specialist LuxImprove and a successfully completed graduation internship at Ledgnd, Niels is a good conversation partner for the customer to determine the needs of the customer.

Plant Physiologist

Thijmen Calis

Plant Scientist

Jeroen Boonekamp

Jeroen studied Plant Sciences at Wageningen University. During his studies, he specialized in modelling the effects of greenhouse climate on the plant growth. After his studies, Jeroen started working as a practical researcher. He soon came to the conclusion that there is a lag with models in cultivation. He has therefore been working for B-Mex since 2020 to implement crop models in the daily crop management, including within the MyLedgnd portal. In this portal, growers can monitor and analyse the results of LED on the crop. Jeroen will support growers to successfully switch to LED solutions. Jeroen's knowledge of the implementations of the models plays a major role in this.
Scientific Researcher

Fokke Buwalda

Fokke started his career as Scientific Researcher. First at PPO and later at Wageningen UR Greenhouse Horticulture. He has developed dynamic simulation models to gain insight into the crop as a system. However, the application of those simulation models in practice, was disappointing. At the end of 2013 he became the founder of B-Mex B.V. and started to be fully committed to developing online advisory services to make that valuable knowledge practically usable for entrepreneurs in the horticulture. A collaboration contract has been concluded with Wageningen UR, which gives B-Mex access to the latest scientific information. Fokke is involved within Ledgnd with the portal for crop registrations called MyLedgnd. In this portal, growers can monitor and analyse the results of LED on the crop. Fokke’s experience and expertise in various crops is of enormous value in the realization of successful LED projects.
Biosystem Engineer

Peter van Beveren

Peter studied Biosystems Engineering at Wageningen University. Since 2011 he has been working on a PhD research on energy management in greenhouse horticulture and since September 2020 also on the MyLedgnd portal. The modelling of the greenhouse climate and optimization play an important role in this. Peter has worked at B-Mex since 2015 and has been co-owner of B-Mex since 2017. At Ledgnd, Peter works on developing new applications and continuously improving the existing portal. In this portal, growers can monitor and analyse the results of LED on the crop. Peter supports growers to successfully switch to LED solutions. Peter’s knowledge of energy management and climate in the greenhouse are of great importance in this process.
Subsidy Advisor

Maurice van der Hulst

Subsidy Advisor

Pieter Rem

Advisory Counsil

Richard van de Vrie

Richard van de Vrie is a visionary serial entrepreneur, with over 30 year experience in
founding and building companies in the fields of Lighting and Additive Manufacturing. During his career he got executive management experience in small, mid-size and publicly traded companies.

With his broad commercial, technical and organisational experience and an extensive network he is able to guide and focus his teams to become successful. In 2008 Richard lead the lighting manufacturer Lighting Partner BV to a successful exit.

As the founder of the Luxexcel Group, Richard now acts as supervisory director. Luxexcel is the only company in the world able to additive manufacture ophthalmic lenses used for eyewear, VR and AR applications. Furthermore Richard is the CEO of LuxImprove BV, a successful and growing project lighting company in the Benelux market and he is co-owner of LuxImprove Sportveldverlichting BV.

Richard is author and co-author of 8 granted patents. In both Lighting and 3D printing segments he proved to be a real innovator and was the mentor of several commercial and technical developments and improvements.

Advisory Counsil

Matthea Rijneker


Petra van de Vrie - Stevense


Jorn Boone

Jorn specializes in online marketing & SEO optimization. He will use his skills as a content creator to create customer stories, fun online promotions and interesting articles.

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