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Integrating & optimizing LED in your greenhouse

You recently installed LED lighting and want to get the most out of it. You’re ready to take the next step: further integrating and optimizing the right lighting strategy. Together, we’ll create a manageable and concrete plan for your cultivation goals and start collecting and analyzing data with MyLedgnd.

It’s important to continuously monitor the greenhouse climate, especially if you’ve just switched to LED. We do this by collecting and analyzing data. We place sensors in the greenhouse and see how the crop reacts to the LED lighting and how it affects the greenhouse climate.

To help you get started, our plant physiologist will analyze all the data for the first time and together you will make a plan on how to control the climate factors to achieve your cultivation goals. All this in a practical and pragmatic way so that you can get started right away.

Monitoring the greenhouse climate

Gaining more insight into your climate

Light control

With LED, you can precisely adjust the light to your crop. You can do this by adjusting the color spectrum throughout the day based on changing climatic conditions.

Data in practice

Collecting and analyzing data often seems complex and difficult to apply in practice. Ledgnd helps you with a practical and pragmatic approach to collecting and analyzing data from your greenhouse. No long or extensive scientific research, but an approach that works for you as a grower.

Support from a plant physiologist

Collecting data is step 1, interpreting and optimizing is step 2. That’s why you’ll always start by working with our plant physiologist to map out exactly what you want to measure. The plant physiologist will help you interpret all the data and what conclusions you can draw from it. Together, you will make a manageable plan so that you can continue optimizing your greenhouse climate to suit your cultivation goals.

MyLedgnd insights

All data is collected in MyLedgnd, a software solution specially developed for the greenhouse horticulture sector. In MyLedgnd, you have a real-time overview of your climate factors, such as temperature, humidity, light and CO2. You can combine the factors and visualize them in various graphs.

Customized advice for integration and optimization

At Ledgnd, we have in-depth knowledge of LED and crop types. That’s why our LED specialists and plant physiologists are the right people to answer your questions about integrating and optimizing LED.

Every greenhouse is different, so we’ll create a customized plan for you to further integrate and optimize your LED lighting. Whether you want to grow more sustainably, increase your yield or improve the quality of your crop, we’ll work together to achieve your cultivation goals.

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