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Light Advice

The shift to LED lighting is sweeping the greenhouse industry, and you might be wondering if it could benefit yours too. Ledgnd offers unbiased insights to help you determine if LED investment is right for you.

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Test Setup

You’ll receive a customized report outlining the optimal LED colors and lamps for your crop, along with the expected payback period, installation cost estimates, and other relevant factors.

We calculate your potential return on investment (ROI) based on projected energy savings and anticipated cultivation results, while exploring suitable financing options.

"Don't just consider LED lighting, get expert advice to make an informed decision"

How Light Advice Can Further Assist You

Detailed Report

The foundation of the light advice lies in the inventory. We assess the current situation of your greenhouse and provide advice on what is needed to transition to LED.

Energy Savings

Using energy calculations and the expected cultivation results, we can calculate the ROI. With this data, we also explore which financing options you qualify for.

Pre-selection of LED Suppliers

We pre-select reliable suppliers offering LED fixtures tailored to your crop’s specific needs. We prepare a detailed specification to simplify the purchasing process and offer further procurement guidance.

Specification Preparation

If it turns out that your greenhouse and crop are suitable for transitioning to LED, we already have a specification prepared to kickstart the purchasing process. We’re here to assist you further with our procurement guidance.

Test Setup

Want to see how your crop reacts to LED before investing? We can set up a customized test arrangement in your greenhouse.

We meticulously prepare the light advice report and examine how similar crops have responded in previous LED trials. If you want to know exactly how your crop will react to LED, we can set up a test arrangement in your greenhouse.

During a test setup, we install LED lighting in a section of your greenhouse and place sensors. This allows us to precisely determine the effects of LED on your crop based on the collected data.

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