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Starting with LED Lighting?

Are you considering transitioning to LED lighting in your greenhouse? If so, thorough preparation is essential for a successful outcome. Ledgnd is your ideal partner throughout this process, offering expert guidance and support to ensure a smooth and efficient transition.

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Lighting AdviceSubsidy AdvicePurchasing Guidance

Lighting Advice

Our comprehensive lighting advice will assess the suitability of your greenhouse for LED lighting. We will conduct a detailed inventory of your current lighting system, crop requirements, and environmental factors. Based on this analysis, we will create a customized lighting plan that optimizes your crop production and energy efficiency.

Technical Assessment

We evaluate your current lighting system, including lamp type, light intensity, and light distribution.

Environmental Factors

We take into account factors such as greenhouse climate, shading, and CO2 levels.

Lighting Plan

We create a customized plan that specifies the optimal LED lighting solution for your unique needs.

Lighting Advice

Subsidy Advice

Investing in sustainability measures can be costly. Fortunately, there are multiple subsidy measures available for greenhouse growers. Ledgnd can help you navigate the complex subsidy application process and maximize your chances of receiving financial support.

Subsidy identification for your specific region
We identify all relevant subsidy programs available to greenhouse growers in your region. Our team has extensive experience with various subsidies, ensuring that your application is compliant and complete.

Subsidies for Greenhouse Horticulture

We identify all relevant subsidy programs available to greenhouse growers. Thanks to our extensive experience with subsidy applications, we’re always aware of various subsidy measures available for greenhouse horticulture. Whether it’s LED lighting, secondary screens, or other energy-saving solutions, we’re here to assist you.

Professional Support for Subsidy Applications

Applying for subsidies is an administrative and time-consuming task. At Ledgnd, we have extensive experience in EG subsidy and EIA. We’ve successfully submitted and been awarded over 120 subsidy applications for our clients, totaling more than €36 million.

Full Support Throughout the Application Process

We provide comprehensive support throughout the application process, from preparing the necessary documentation to submitting the application  We handle the entire application process for you, from submission to final accountability. With Ledgnd’s subsidy advisors, you increase the chances of successfully securing your subsidy application.

Subsidy Advice

Purchasing Guidance

You’re purchasing LED lighting, and there’s much to consider. Ledgnd is your brand-independent trusted advisor. During negotiations, we’re your right hand. We will compare offers from different suppliers, negotiate on your behalf, and verify that the chosen solution meets your specific requirements.

Best Price and Guarantees

Ledgnd is your partner throughout the entire purchasing process. We compare offers from multiple LED suppliers, evaluating factors such as price, quality, warranty, and technical specifications to secure the best deal for you.

Post-installation Verification

Once the LED lighting is installed, We conduct a post-installation light measurement to ensure that the installed LED lighting system meets the agreed-upon specifications. We verify if the spectrum, light distribution, and light quantity align with the agreement.

Why Purchasing Guidance?

With Ledgnd’s purchasing guidance, you benefit from technical expertise, customized advice, and the best possible guarantees and terms for a smooth integration of LED in your greenhouse.

Purchasing Guidance

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