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Deep-rooted knowledge of crops combined with a professional vision on LED lighting. When two sustainable innovators join forces, a great initiative flourishes. Ledgnd! Together we enlighten the work of growers.

Read how we work

Our method



What do you want to achieve with your crop? And your business? During the inventory, we discuss all your wishes, allowing us to make a rough lighting calculation. After this phase, you will receive the first light plan.


Time to test the brand-independent lighting advice! We test the recommended LED lighting for you, using a test setup in a small part of your greenhouse. How will the crop react to it? We will monitor this data closely.


You know your crops like no other, because you work in the greenhouse. That is why we will evaluate the test results together. The interplay between our knowledge of light and your knowledge takes the growth and quality of the crop to a whole new level.


The time has come: the installation of your new LED lighting. Ledgnd will remain involved in the entire process. From project support to financing. Together we will realize the final lighting plan!

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  • Brand indepedent
  • Knowledge of light
  • Knowledge of horticulture

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