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Ledgnd and PhenoVation shake hands and team up for a module in MyLedgnd. Through this powerful collaboration, LED fixtures can be controlled by “listening” to the crop. A camera system from PhenoVation measures the photosynthesis efficiency of the crop and communicates this directly to the LED optimization portal MyLedgnd. MyLedgnd was developed by Ledgnd’s brand-independent LED experts and enables the implementation of (Full) LED in greenhouses. This way, a grower can make the switch to LED with result certainty.

The light utilization efficiency

”Using PhenoVation’s many sensors and the predictions from MyLedgnd’s analytical growth models, the light utilization efficiency of the crop can be looked at. Light utilization efficiency is an important factor to consider to see how efficiently the plant converts photons into growth. This can depend on the crop, the color of the LEDs, but also the climate. Through the collaboration with PhenoVation, we can start working on solutions such as dynamic control and dimming of LED fixtures. “The expectation is that the crop results can be improved with a substantial energy saving by only lighting when the crop is using the light efficiently.” Tells Ramón van de Vrie, director of Ledgnd.

Programming by crop and by stage of cultivation

Based on the data from the sensors, we program dynamic color control at different phases of the crop. PSS, the phytochrome balance (red/ far-red ratio), will play a key role in this, allowing us to precisely steer plants to vegetative or generative stages”. 

“Full-LED offers many possibilities”

With full-LED there are many possibilities, this is still not optimally applied. Based on the data from smart sensors we can come to an optimal programming of the lamps so that no energy is lost to inefficient lighting.  Through this collaboration we can make optimal use of all forms of lighting, including sunlight.

The next step in assimilation lighting

We see the next step of assimilation lighting in full-LED installations. It is important that the possibilities with LED will be utilized. The dimming of different colors of LEDs to extend the life but also to save energy with results belongs to this next step. Are you working with LED and thinking about taking the next step in assimilation lighting? Contact us and we will help you with our brand independent vision. This in combination with the power of data makes your lighting strategy, a strategy with results!

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