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From a research conducted by Hortilux shows that as many as 87% of the growers are considering to make the switch to LED solutions in the future. Hortilux has found in a survey of 130 respondents that most growers prefer LED in combination with HPS lights. The reason for this is as follows: ‘’Most growers do not chose full LED solutions, but prefer a combination of LED and HPS. Price plays an important role in this; a large number of respondents indicate that a lower price can convince them to switch (completely) to LED. In addition, some crops also require heat radiation and employees can better orient themselves to HPS grow light. But more knowledgnd about the (correct) use of LED, more proven results, sustainablitity gains and a higher return on investment can also help respondents to choose to make the switch a full LED solution.’’ By (Hortibiz,2020).

Is a full LED solution still one bridge too far?

Ledgnd, as a brand-independent lighting specialist in the horticulture can confirm that price, heat, scouting in the crop and efficiency are indeed important factors for making the switch to LED. Depending on the cultivation goals, crop characteristic and return on investment a choice would be made between a hybrid or full LED. For many growers, full LED solutions are still growers leap into the unknown. Spectra possibilities, output, DLI, and heat radiation are the issues that still need to be answered for a lot of crops. For answering these questions customization per project is required. Ledgnd has developed her own test set for answering these question per individual case.

What is the ideal output for my crop?

In the article of Hortibiz, Hortilux states that they have an efficiency of 3.5 umol per watt, which is twice as high compared to the efficiency of a HPS lamp. Achieving this efficiency is indeed possible with a medium power lamp. However, medium lamps have advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the situation, crop and cultivation goals of the grower. A medium power armature can be in some cases a good solution but there are also other alternatives such as; low power or high power. The best solution depends totally on the situation of the grower. Ledgnd is happy to advise you on which lighting solution – and why – best suits your unique situation.

The efficiency is also related to which spectrum is used. This choice depends on the cultivation goals, the production period and the type of crop. The term efficiency is less applicable when you look at the actual cultivation goals of the grower and seems to have become a marketing term in a sense. More information about the efficiency will soon appear on the website and social media of Ledgnd with a video where Ledgnd explains what this efficiency entails.   

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