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Making cultivation results measurable with the aim of creating certainty of results when switching to LED. That is the starting point of the new collaboration between Ledgnd and B-Mex. “By structurally registering crop results in our portal, the effect of LED can be measured and the added value of this can be calculated by the models developed by B-Mex,” says Ramon van de Vrie of Ledgnd.

The power of collaboration Ledgnd supports growers in successful transition to LED

Ledgnd looks from a brand-independent position to determine which lighting best meets the needs of the grower and his crop. In the new portal, the grower can check whether the LED installation meets the specifications and whether the expected additional yield is being realized. “By working with B-Mex we can guarantee that our advice is given on the basis of scientific knowledge. Ledgnd can provide insight into the Return on Investment of the exposure. Together with you, we achieve certainty of results on your LED investment.”

B-Mex specializes in opening up calculation models for greenhouse orcharding. Founder Fokke Buwalda: “Creating calculation models is a smart way to link scientific knowledge to current data from companies. This creates a valuable tool that growers “on the shop floor” with insight into the performance of the crop. This is very important for growers who are going to make the transition to LED.”

Many greenhouses still use the SON-T (HPS) lamp. This lamp emits by default a lot of radiant heat which is not available after transitioning to LED. To achieve the desired result with LED, a grower will have to adjust his cultivation method. By partnering with B-Mex, Ledgnd will be able to help achieve results during this testing period. The first early adopter companies have already registered and can use the portal.

My Ledgnd scoop

Growers who want to test with LED in the future can also use the new portal. “By starting to register now, you build up a good reference to be able to measure the effects of LED lighting in the future.” Ramon said. Be ahead of the queue for My Ledgnd and sign up in advance trough the contact form on our website:

More information about Ledgnd:

More information about B-Mex:


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