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Growers in the horticulture sector who consider taking LED lighting as a lighting solution now have the option to choose with independent advice and guidance for the implementation of this transition. Joris Elstgeest, Matthea Rijneker and Richard and Ramon van de Vrie have combined their expertise in the horticulture to create Ledgnd. A company that uses its shared expertise to provide advice for the best fitting lighting solution tailored to the needs of the grower.

It’s a undenying fact that the agricultural sector is transferring to a commission natural market due to political regulations. For example, in the Netherlands the sector is obligated to transform to a completely energy natural sector by 2040. Because of this LED lighting becomes a vital part of this transformation. Ledgnd has set the goal to advice and guide growers with this transformation from a brand independent perspective. Ramón van de Vrie ‘’the supply of LED lights is large and obscure. Which lighting solution will give you the best return depends on the type of crop and the goal of the grower. It makes a difference whether you will use LED lighting for intensify the colors of your crop and/or improve the quality, or to extend the harvest season by cultivation and/ or winter cultivation. These specific grow goals are for us the starting points of our lighting plan. In this process we work 100% brand independent, in other words, we look for the best lighting solution for every individual grow goal. In contrast to suppliers which are in bonded to their own lighting solution.’’

Practical working method, step-by-step implementation

In addition to the market independence, Ledgnd also distinguishes herself by their practical and concrete working method. This will lead to a purchase with more security for the grower. After a thorough inventory of the customer’s needs, Ledgnd will make a lighting plan for a LED-test setup in the greenhouse. Ramón: ‘’We monitor the results of the test set-up together with the grower and will make adjustments where necessary. This can be in the area of Lighting, but also other factors like C02 level, humidity and nutrition. When the results match the objectives will the entire greenhouse be equipped with the chosen lighting solution.’’

LBC-norm with guarantee

Where Joris and Matthea contribute their knowledge of and network in the horticulture, Richard and Ramón contribute their knowledge of the lighting industry. Richard and Ramón will ensure that all LED solutions are supplied with a warranty on the issued LBC-norm. Ramón: ‘’The LBC-norm actually tells how long LED lighting will last. Because we only supply LED luminaires with a guarantee to the LBC-norm, our customers can better calculate the payback time of their investment. In other words, they can safely switch to LED lighting. That’s what Ledgnd stands for.’’

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