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Ledgnd is 2,5 years old! | Time to look back

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Ledgnd is 2.5 years old! Since the end of 2019, we have been fully engaged in helping growers transition to LED. There have been many developments at Ledgnd in recent years. Last Monday, our director Ramón van de Vrie already shared a fantastic post about this on LinkedIn. We would also like to look back at the past 2.5 years on our website. Where did we start, and what milestones have we reached together?

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Beginning of the Ledgnd Adventure in Hong Kong

When Ramón was doing his minor at The Hang Seng University in Hong Kong in 2019, he talked with Teddy Y. M. Lo about greenhouse farming in the Netherlands. As a result of these conversations, Ramón began researching supplemental lighting and growers’ lighting needs in 2020. During this research, the seed of Ledgnd was born: growers worldwide need brand-independent support for the purchase, integration and optimization of LED lighting.

Birth of Ledgnd in 2020

brainstorm ledgnd met b-mex

After an interview about Ramón’s internship in Hong Kong in, Ramón got in touch with Joris Elstgeest and Matthea Rijneker. They also saw the added value of a brand-independent consultancy for LED lighting in horticulture. Eventually, conversations with Joris and Matthea led to the start of Ledgnd in October 2020.

Half a year later, Jordi van der Meijden joined Ledgnd to work together with Ramón. Later, B-Mex, an innovative company owned by Fokke Buwalda and Peter van Beveren, joined us to set up the ‘MyLedgnd-portal.

Ledgnd’s First Consulting Projects

The first clients gained confidence in Ledgnd and we could start with our first consultancy projects. Stef de Jong, Business Developer at Decorum, had suggested holding a knowledge meeting about LED. Although we had to postpone this for 1.5 years due to corona, it did take place in October last year. We continued to collaborate with great companies: Viscon Group, Inventeers Research & Development B.V., Vattenfall Dynova Innovation Consultancy B.V., Powerplus Group and PhenoVation B.V.

kennisbijeenkomst led ledgnd

2022: Where are we now?

After Maarten van Bemmel came to support us in the summer of 2021, Ledgnd has proliferated. In the past six months, 46 projects have already been chosen to be backed by Ledgnd. Of course, we, as Ledgnd, are enormously proud of this! We thank all our clients and partners for their trust in our company.

Here’s to many more years of fruitful cooperation!

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