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Current Gas Prices in the Dutch Horticulture | Chart 2022

By 28 June 2022No Comments

Recently, we shared an article with you about the rising gas prices. We want to share with you several interesting graphs showing the current gas prices in the horticultural sector in the Netherlands. Each chart is followed by an explanation of the information you can obtain from it.

Dutch TTF Natural Gas Futures (European Gas Prices)

Title Transfer Facility (TTF) is a Dutch trading platform where gas can change hands. So much gas is traded on this platform that it is a reliable indicator of European gas prices.

The Dutch TTF Natural Gas Futures calculates with euro cents per megawatt-hour. The chart below shows how many euro cents you would pay per MWh for a contract in the following month.

Current Gas Prices per m3

The graph below shows the gas price per m3 in a given month. These are the variable rates when you take out a new model contract in euros, including 21% VAT, energy tax and ODE. For example, the average gas price for the month of March was: €2.66 per m3.

The above charts are always up to date. So, do you want to be regularly informed about the current gas prices? Feel free to save this page!

Do you have questions about the current gas prices in the horticultural sector? Then please get in touch with one of our Ledgnd’s!

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