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How we work

Do you want your crop to grow faster and higher? To expand the area of production? Create a more intense color? Achieve the ideal greenhouse climate? Or increase the CO2 content in your greenhouses? Your needs are always on the top of Ledgnd’s priorities. This we will do in four steps.

1. Make an inventory of your greenhouse lighting

Your collaboration with Ledgnd starts with a conversation about LED in horticulture. First, we are going to discuss the current situation of your greenhouse lighting. We look at what you want to achieve with your crop, as well as your vision for the company’s future. Next, we carry out a lighting calculation. For example, we look at the amount of fixtures needed for the greenhouse space, the exact location where the lighting should be mounted and the amount of light needed per surface area that matches the amount your plant needs.


2. Test the lighting plan in the greenhouse

Every greenhouse situation is unique. That is why we prefer to test the recommended lighting plan with a test-set first. Part of your greenhouse will be filled with the recommended LED lighting. This allows us to examine whether the crop is developing as desired. Using various light formulas (spectrum & output), we look at the best composition from a brand-independent position.


3. Analyze the crops and plant growth

We build up a database from the test results to see which horticulture LED is most beneficial for you. How does the crop react to the lighting solution? Are the results, the results you want? Every change has an impact on other factors in your greenhouse. We compare test results and will find the best lighting for your goals. We will perform this data analysis together with you, as you know your crop best and will notice the differences the quickest. This results in a brand-independent lighting plan, consisting of the best fixtures for your specific greenhouse situation.


4. Get the optimal grow lighting

Time to realize the final lighting plan in your greenhouse. Even in this phase you have the benefit of our project support. Questions about the financing of the project, or the possibilities of grants? We provide support. Obviously, we are happy to work with your own installation partner during the installation of the lighting products and control technology. We grow light!

Create your own success story in sustainability.

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